Thoughts from Lissy, Episode 2

Sorry for lack of updates, but school’s still in full swing and I haven’t had much time (is it possible?) to read. Sad face.

But I had to share something that happened in my English class a couple days ago that makes me scared for humanity.

My class is starting essays on virtues & what values we gained and how we gained them (personal narratives, basically.) and my teacher had a list of values on the projector, basic stuff like generosity, love, charity and the like. She asked for any values that aren’t on the list, and me, being the super religious girl I am, raised my hand and said,

“You forgot chastity.” She put that on the board, and continued. People continued putting out values, and then she asked if anyone needed anything clarified on the values. A girl asked what chastity meant, and my teacher asked me to explain it,

I don’t like the word sex. I don’t like to use it, it feels wrong to me, I don’t know why. I put my head in my hands, and moaned. People around me started saying things like,

“Oh, she doesn’t know what that means. She just blurted it out there, and she’s a idiot.” So I sat up straight and said,

“Chastity is abstaining from sex until marriage.” The girl looked at me kinda funny, like I just spoke an alien language, and then turned back to the front. My teacher continued on like nothing unusual had happened. And that was the moment that my heart broke.

People don’t know what chastity is. People think chastity is a thing of the past, and we should ‘look toward the future!’ But, can’t we stick to some old traditions?

Women, a very long time ago, would only wear white on their wedding if they were a virgin. People don’t seem to get these days that maintaining your innocence, saving yourself for marriage is HUGE. That sex is a sacred thing between a man and a woman, only after they’re married. Is that too much to ask? Really, is it too much?


Thanks for listening to my rant, and I will hope to put a new book review out soon.