This GIF summarizes my life in a huge, candy red blood colored nutshell. But, I finished up to the great Gigapause, so I am BACK finally with stuff.

So here we go! Couple updates for you guys: No activity this week besides this and possibly a post on Saturday, because I have a camp, and it will be a lot of funtimes~ Also, I need help. I write more fanfics than actual books!!!! I haven’t finished the second chapter of my book, nor the actual title!!!!! Rawr~ also you guys should see my wall. Behind my laptop I have my wall of stuff, with drawings, origami hearts made out of sheet music, definitions of words on notecards, and other random crap like that. It’s pretty sweet. 

I don’t have a point for this post, like many of these blog posts.,..


Sorry, I may be sleep high at the mo. I don’t usually get too much sleep anyways, and when I do get 12+ hours like today, I GO FLIP OFF THE WALLS INSANE. Like when I have Mountain Dew.

But so if any of you want a book review, say so. 

And the target of my anger: