So Here We Go

So I posted the words for this a while back, but here’s the image. It’s mostly to mess around with gifs and see if I can post them here.



Let’s Have a Chat…

Hello, people that may or not read this. I have no way of knowing, because no one ever comments or does anything. Please do that, it will help keep my small ego afloat, and it helps other people see it as well. I’d also appreciate if all you lovely people (:3) would share, it really would help me.

Now that that’s out of the way, here we go:


Guys, you have no idea how deep I am in this crap. It’s amazing, and random, and sad (so many deaths…) and everything I love. So, as you can imagine, when I saw the whatpumpkin (site that sells Homestuck merch) booth at Salt Lake Comic Con a couple weeks ago, I was simply grounded, and I was all like “HOLD UP HOLD UP HOLD THE PHONE DAD HOMESTUCK.” Because I had spent the car ride to the train station explaining quadrants and the trolls. He knows what’s up. Kinda. So I bought a calender and a Dave Strider pin, simply because Dave Strider is awesome.

Also, various projects, books, fanfics, videos, fangirling, school, homework, reading, being an absolute lazy fart, and everything else I never mentioned (non existent social life) has all stopped me from posting.

So I apologize for this, and, hey, if you want to see more stuff from me, gimme motivation. Request a book. Do SOMETHING so I will have a boosted ego better motivation for posting.

So that’s all I really had to say, if there’s anything you want me to do, don’t hesitate to ask, and keep reading, when I look over my stats it does really help.









*whispers* Hail Hydra

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Thoughts from Lissy, Episode 1

Sup people! Soo.. thoughts from Lissy.


I saw this today. I’ll try to type it up verbatim, but it’s pretty long. This is about fictional characters, and why we love and need fiction in our lives.

“When people turn to fictional characters, it is often because they want an escape. The stories of these people shelter us from the storm of our daily lives; they save us, if only for a little while. But when we really give in, become invested, let ourselves be vulnerable something changes. We begin to feel that we know them. It’s no longer just an escape, but part of us, something that makes us who we are.

These characters teach us that incredible adversity can be overcome. That people can love each other forever. That life can be an adventure. That magic can be real. And even if these miracles have never happened to us, we begin to go through life believing that, someday, they could.”


The resonance from that post is astonishing, really. That’s how I started to feel like I knew The Doctor, or Harry Potter, or Sadie Kane, or Garion. Because I felt like their adventures, their strife, their amazing life, could someday happen to me. That it was real. That I could experience it too, by just reading and watching their adventures, that I was part of a bigger something, that I could fly or cast magic spells. Sherlock Holmes made me feel important. Lily Potter made me feel loved. Iron Man made me feel invincible. And that matters to me.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, and til next time,