Tips on Writing Better Characters Pt. 2

My favorite part of writing is characters. I have so many different characters that I never use, simply because I thought it would be fun to write them. This is a flaw of mine, but here we go:
Plan your characters. I cannot stress this enough, please, please, please, plan your characters. I’m not saying your character will ever encounted an alien invasion, but you should know what they would do should one occur. Would they run and hide? Would they fight simply because they are the main character? Who knows? Answer should be you. Know everything there is to know about your character.

At the bottom of this post, I’m sharing a very basic character outline sheet. You don’t have to log in to see it, anyone who clicks through the link will be able to copy it. It’s not mine, I just found it. It is good for characters, and I recommend using it for all your characters.

So, go flesh out your characters! Find out how that scar they have on the small on their back happened, even if you never bring anything up about it. Know these people like you gave birth to them, which, in a way, you did.


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