So. Here we are.

I’M ACTUALLY WRITING ANOTHER BOOK YAY to all you 10 people who saw, I was writing another book a very long time ago, but it has been shelved. I may come back to it later, I dunno.

But this time I’m actually taking my time on it. There are character flesh-outs, world building, outlining for pete’s sake. I will finish this book!







But I digress. Once I have most of the prewriting done, I will share some stuff going on with it. I really like the premise, and I think I will learn to love my characters.

But…. so. Winter break. This is my checklist:

  • Visit friends
  • Socks
  • Stay in bed all day
  •  Netflix
  • All the hot chocolate. ALL OF IT. 

But what are you guys doing over winter break? Any exciting plans over the holidays? Tell me down below in the comments so I know people read this..


Be awesome and comment.

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